10 Easy WordPress Remote Backup Solutions

We all know how important it is to back up your data regularly. Disk drive fails, database crashes, human error, hackers, hurricanes, fires, floods, you know the drill. Still, only 6% of medium-sized companies that suffer catastrophic data loss get well sometime And 51% closed within two years, With that in mind, do you have a WordPress backup and restore plan? In addition to local backups, are your WordPress backups also stored remotely?

wordpress remote backup solution

As of September 2013, in addition Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, r1soft, dropbox, Rackspace CloudFiles, backup buddy, WPremote And vaultpressi am also using backup (use coupon code: 40PERCENT) is a flexible and affordable backup service for those who want to back up their website and server data in any way they like.

With Backupify, you basically rent a small VPS (Virtual Private Server) that will run your Linux distro of choice. This VPS can store anywhere from 250 gigabytes to 2 terabytes of storage. You also have to choose how you want to back it up. For example, using ftp, scp, rsync or third party backup services. Servers are located in Dallas, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Denver, New York, Los Angeles, UK, and the Netherlands. The backup uses RAID50 technology to protect your data, as well as provide good read/write speeds. Each virtual server is connected by a 1Gbit (shared) uplink to maximize network I/O. After using this service for almost a full year, I can confidently recommend it as a low-cost, flexible remote backup solution. Same company has also just launched R1softStorage which can be combined with Idera’s R1soft backup solution.

Get started today by using one or more of the 10 easy WordPress remote backup solutions listed above or suggest your own solutions below.

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