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Microsoft Copilot, Initially launched as Windows CoPilot, was rebranded in September 2023. Make sure you have updated to the latest version on Windows before reading the rest of the article. It's easy to check your Windows build and version number. If Copilot is still missing or not visible on your taskbar, here's what to do.


Your Windows computer must meet certain requirements before you can open and use CoPilot.

  • Update to the latest version of Windows 11. For those who skipped the introduction, we've already covered how to check your Windows build and version.
  • As mentioned in this, you need to install the Edge browser and update to the latest version Microsoft Support Thread,
  • Log in to your Microsoft account. CoPilot Offline is not available for Windows users or those who prefer local user accounts.
  • copilot available North America, Britain, parts of Asia, and South America Which means that depending on where you live, you may or may not have access to it. CoPilot is still in preview. Some countries like Russia, China etc. have not received the update yet.
  • The only hardware requirement is that it requires a Windows PC with a microphone.
  • While Copilot is enabled by default, it may be possible that it has been disabled due to a bug or by a user. We have a separate guide on how to enable/disable Copilot. Worth reading.
  • If you have CoPilot, you should see an icon in the taskbar. Squeeze windows key+c To launch it.

1. Try a complete shutdown

Some Reddit users were able to fix the missing CoPilot error by forcibly completely shutting down their Windows computer. Be sure to save all open tasks and files before doing this. We will use the Terminal (Terminal is different from CMD or Powershell) for this.

1. right click on Start Press the button and select Terminal (Administration) From the context menu.

2. Copy the command below and then right-click to paste it, inside the Terminal.

shutdown /s /t 0

3. Wait a few seconds and then reboot. Check if you can see the Copilot icon in the taskbar and if yes, click on it to launch the app.

2. Check for Latest Update Package

Here's an example. October update package Broke Microsoft Copilot for users who were either using the Wallpapers app or were on a dual monitor setup. Open Google and search for latest update package (month name + update package + Windows) and read the highlights and improvements section.

If the current update package is indeed causing Copilot to disappear, you have two options. Either update or downgrade to the next version when available. The answer will depend on which version you are currently on at the time of reading this article. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here.

3. Try ViVeTool

ViVeTool is an open-source app (Available on GitHub) which will let you force install Copilot so you can use it.

1. Visit the download page using the above link. Click on the zip file you want to download. Select the 'ARM' version if you have that chip.

3. Extract files to a folder.

4. Now just follow the guide given in this video.

Don't forget to reboot the computer.

Co-pilot for life

Hopefully, Microsoft Copilot will no longer disappear. Pressing the Windows Key+C keyboard shortcut should cause CoPilot to appear on the right side of the screen. However, if Copilot is still not visible, you can use the same feature on your Edge browser. You can also use the same ChatGPT-powered chatbot in Bing Search within Edge.

Microsoft is integrating Copilot into many of its products so you have multiple ways to access and use it.

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By Ranjan