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8 Solutions for “Please update your device's settings to accept media transfers” error on Windows 11 –

January 4, 20246 min read

The Photos app in Windows 11 streamlines the process of importing photos and videos, eliminating the need to navigate through File Explorer. Many users are seeing the error “Please update your device's settings to accept media transfers.” Here's what to do.

1. Change USB Preferences to File Transfer on Android

A common reason for the Photos app to show the “Please update your device's settings to accept media transfer” error on your Windows 11 PC is if the preferred USB configuration set on your Android just charging,

To change this, connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable. pat down android system Notification on your phone and select Transferring Files/Android Auto,

Change USB Settings to Transfer Files on Android

2. Configure your iPhone to trust the computer

Your iPhone can't sync photos, videos, and other content with Windows if you haven't configured it to trust the computer. As a result, Windows 11 may ask you to update your device's settings to accept media transfers.

To fix this, connect your iPhone to the Windows computer using a cable. Unlock your iPhone and select faith When the “Trust this computer” prompt appears.

Trust this computer prompt on iPhone

If the prompt doesn't appear, you may have selected do not trust Option first. In that case, you need to reset the location and privacy settings on your iPhone and then connect it to your PC.

3. Use a different USB cable

multiple users on one reddit post Reported to fix media transfer issue on Windows 11 using a different USB cable. If you're using a USB-C to USB-C cable to connect your Android, try using a USB-C to USB-A cable and see if that works. This will help fix any problems caused by incompatible cables.

usb cables

4. Try another SD card reader

Are you seeing the “Please update your device's settings to accept media transfers” error on Windows when you try to transfer files from your SD card? This can happen if your SD card reader is damaged. To rule out this possibility, try using a different SD card reader and see if that helps.

5. Enable USB Debugging (Android)

Another reason why you may be having trouble exchanging photos and videos from your Android may be that the USB debugging option is turned off. Here's how to enable it.

1. open Adjustment app and go about phone,

About phone menu on Android phone

2. Go Software Information tap more build number Seven times to activate developer options.

Create Number on Android or Samsung Galaxy Phone

3. return to the Adjustment Menu and tap Developer Options, Then, enable the next toggle USB debugging,

Disable USB Debugging on Android

Reconnect your Android phone to the computer and see if the error still appears.

6. Disable USB Selective Suspend

The USB Selective Suspend feature on Windows suspends inactive devices to reduce power consumption. This may prevent your Android or iPhone from exchanging photos and videos, causing the Photos app to show the “Please update your device's settings to accept media transfer” error on your Windows 11 PC.

To fix this, you need to turn off the USB Selective Suspend feature by following the steps below.

1. Squeeze windows key + s To open the search menu. Type Edit power plan Press more in the text box enter,

Edit power plan on Windows 11

2. click on Change advanced power settings,

Change advanced power settings on Windows 11

3. double click on usb settings It has to be expanded.

4. expand the usb selective suspend setting Click on Menu and Active,

usb settings on windows 11

5. Use the drop-down menu next to on battery And planted to select disabled, Then, click on apply After Ok,

Disable USB Selective Suspend on Windows 11

7. Update USB Drivers

Outdated or corrupted USB drivers on Windows 11 can also affect your ability to exchange files to and from your Android or iPhone. To fix this, you need to check your PC for any pending USB driver updates and install them.

Squeeze windows key + i To open the Settings app. In Windows Update click on tab check for updates button. Allow Windows to download and install pending updates and check if this resolves the issue.

Check for updates on Windows 11

If the problem persists, open Adjustment go to app Windows Update > Advanced Optionsand click optional update To install a pending USB driver update.

Optional updates on Windows 11

8. Install pending updates on your device

If nothing else works, you may consider installing a pending software update on your Android or iPhone. This will help fix problems caused by corrupted software or incompatible software builds.

On Android, open Adjustment and proceed further software update To download and install pending updates.

Check for Software Updates on Samsung or Android Phones

If you're using an iPhone, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update To check for pending updates and install them.

Check for updates on iPhone

unlock connectivity

With the above tips in mind, you should get the Windows 11 Photos app to show media files from your phone. If not, you may have to resort to alternative methods to exchange photos between Windows and your Android or iPhone.

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