80% of the web is powered by PHP

Today, PHP is used by more than 80% of all websites Whose server-side programming language we know. Popular websites like Slack, Etsy, Cloudflare, Tesla, Wikipedia, WordPress.com, Tumblr and this website are all powered by PHP. With such a vast section of the web, it may or may not surprise you that more than 90% 88% [updated 15th Dec 2017] Most of the PHP based websites are still using PHP 5. 90% of them, less than a quarter are running Latest supported version of PHP 5 (PHP 5.6). Also, even though PHP 7 is released more than a year ago and though it’s ok Document,Benchmark Being up to 2x faster than PHP 5.6, only 3% of PHP based websites currently use PHP 7.

PHP 7 Install Rate seem Slightly better among Linux administrators according to it public opinion:

I wrote a short article last week “Optimize PHP with finely tuned IT resources and settings” Which sheds light on how to identify bottlenecks affecting PHP powered apps and some handy PHP optimization tips. Finally, a A healthy discussion covering all sides of the issue can be read here, remember, avoid delaying the inevitablePHP 5 will lose support over time and will become a pain to maintain.

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