85% of all smartphones are powered by Linux

In fact, Linux-powered smartphones dominate the smartphone market. Some of you might be scratching your head at this point. Others are “full of”The Sound of Music” – “The Hills Are Alive” Like Linux Proud!

Read on, and I’ll provide some pudding, full of proof that 85% of all smartphones are powered by Linux.

Too often, when I meet people outside of work, especially socially, they ask: “What kind of work do you do?”. When I respond with Linux System Analyst, many people respond with “I don’t really like Linux because it can’t open or edit Microsoft Word files.” , or sometimes say: “You mean the OS that has all the text and no GUI?” , Or even “Linux, what is that?”

As most of you reading this know, Google’s Android And Chrome OS Both are basically operating distributions based on Linux kernel.

Android smartphones are driven by Linux.

Android is an operating system based on Linux kernel, Or, as Google’s developers put it, “Android is built on the open Linux kernel, [link includes video], As of Android 11, Android sits on the Long-Term-Support (LTS) Linux kernel. Namely, the Linux kernel is based on version 4.19, and 5.4.

to be more specific: “Since 2019, Linux mainline is now merged into Android-mainline whenever Linus Torvalds Posts a release or release candidate. Prior to 2019, the Android Common Kernel was built by cloning the recently announced LTS kernel and adding Android-specific patches. This new model avoids the significant effort of forwarding ports and testing Android patches by accomplishing the same results sequentially.” , Source,

there is one Informative video about the architecture of Android (recorded with potatoes) Where as Google points out that the Linux kernel of Android has further architectural changes outside the typical Linux kernel. There is also a more recent and better quality video that answers this question: Is Android really just Linux? Google’s open-source chief, Chris Dibonarefers to Android as “Linux desktop dream come true,

Now he We’ve Confirmed That There Are Android Smartphones driven by linux, let’s look at the major popularity of Linux-powered smartphones, namely Android. We will also be looking at some other upcoming Linux smartphones.

Linux kernel runs on 85% of all smartphones.

recently Study Demand IDC It turns out that Android has solidified itself in the smartphone market. The study, released in November 2020, said that 261.1 million smartphones were shipped during that quarter, and 85 percent were Android.

According to Gartner and Statista, Android now claims a global market share of 86 percent. See the graph below for more details on the smartphone market share primarily by the top two smartphone OS distributors, Andoird and Apple (iOS).

Global market share held by leading smartphone operating system

Additional Linux Based Smartphones

If you want additional Linux smartphone options, take a look at the following Linux smartphones. Read on for the details on Ubuntu Touch, Librem 5, PineFone, and F(X)tec Pro 1, to name a few.

Ubuntu Touch for Smartphones and Tablets.

Ubuntu Touch (previously Ubuntu Phone) is a mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system that was initially developed by Canonical Limited but now being developed by ubiports community, It is primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Ubuntu Touch is 100% community-driven and free.

Also, check out this list, which shows Currently Supported Smartphones in Ubuntu Linux Touch Ecosystem, growing support for Fairphone 3, Mature devices have easy access to installation via UBports Installer. Devices in the early stages generally need to follow a manual installation procedure. , ubuntu-touch.io

Librem 5 – Security and privacy focused Linux OS smartphone.

Purism Liberum 5

purismKnown for making amazing Linux laptops with a focus on privacy and free software, went successfully crowdfunding campaign They raised $1 million more than Target for a new smartphone called the Librem 5.

The Librem 5 smartphone is focused on security by design and privacy protection by default and is based on Debian Linux. Free open-source software and running a GNU+Linux operating system.

The Librem 5 phone will be the world’s first IP-native mobile handset, using end-to-end encrypted decentralized communication. , puri.sm/products/libram-5/

Pinefone – Runs the mainline Linux-based mobile operating system.

The PinePhone is a smartphone developed by computer manufacturer Pine64 – makers of the Pinebook Pro – that aims to allow users to have complete control over their smartphone. Measures to ensure it is running the mainline Linux-based mobile operating system, assembling the phone with screws to make repairs and upgrades easier, and including six kill switch/safety switches for its hardware, include the back cover of the phone. can be removed and accessed. , pine64.org/pinephone/

f(x)tec proLinux Smartphone – Full physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

f(x)tec pro

Pro1 is a touchscreen smartphone with a slide-out horizontal physical keyboard. This Linux smartphone is designed and manufactured by London based smartphone brand F(x)tec. Pro1 is an evolution from the early Moto Mod Livermorium Keyboard, Currently, the Pro1 community has helped develop a clean Linux operating system, with Sailfish coming soon. , fxtec.com

Plasma Mobile – From the creators of KDE Plasma Linux Desktop.

screenshot plasma mobile

Plasma Mobile is a plasma version for smartphones. It is currently available for Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X, supported devices on postmarketOS and PinePhone. Plasma Mobile runs on Wayland, and is compatible with Ubuntu Touch applications. Pinefone – KDE Community Edition was made available as a pre-order on 1 December 2020. plasma-mobile.org,

Linux kernel on your Android

You’ll have more access to Linux a implicit deviceBut for the fun of it, let’s use the default Android OS and see what version of Linux kernel your Android has installed. For most Android smartphones, you can check the Linux kernel version on your Android smartphone by going to “Settings” > “About Phone” section (you may need to tap on the Android version).

If you have a rooted Android, you can usually installtermux”, then launch it and type the following command:

uname -a

which a. will give output something like this oneplus Device:

Of course, you can do a lot of cool things with Terminal Access on a rooted Android. For example, using top either htop You can use the command line to install packages, kill apps, launch services, etc.


The Android army of smartphones continues to invade the smartphone market. Mainly because it’s open-source, giving power-users and developers alike the freedom to explore, develop and break new ground like never before.

I expect these aforementioned Linux-based smartphone startups to take a more significant share in the smartphone market. Other notable Linux smartphones are Necunos NE_1, fanio, Cosmo CommunicatorAnd voila phone,

Ultimately, I hope that more users become aware of Linux and as such, embrace its power and the community that comes with it. More power to users!

* Linux can actually open and edit Word files, Excel spreadsheets, etc. on desktop, tablet and smartphone.
** There are more GUI options available for Linux (eg. Proverb, where, xfceetc., etc.) than any other operating system.

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