Arch Linux Installer, Project Pocket and more | Biweekly #6

This post is the sixth biennial roundup of notable news articles, blog posts, product launches, and other notable Linux-related content that I’ve seen over the past two weeks.

Below I’ve collected some of the standouts in the Linux space over the past two weeks. Please feel free to send suggestions or email me.

arch linux installer

If you’re looking to get started with Arch Linux but find the install process too long or complicated, you’ll be happy to know that Arch Linux now ships archinstall for easy installation. Archinstall is a command-line tool used to install Arch Linux, manage services, packages, and other things inside the installed system. , , ,video guide -youtube)

Project POCKIT WITH Linux

Pocket Linux

Pocket One Raspberry Pi Compute Module can run Linux on top of 4 system-on-modules and features a modular magnetic grid for its peripherals and accessories. Pocket Features: STM32 + ESP32 dual-processor, 24+ feature blocks ready for use in seconds, Compact casing for real world, Fast coding for applications, WiFi + BLE, IoT ready, Magnetic-snap With instant connection, rechargeable Li-ion battery, and can be easily modified for hacking. ,

The SCO Linux Controversy: Xinuos vs. IBM and Red Hat . new lawsuit by

In the complaint to the US District Court for the Virgin Islands, Xinuos claims:

“First, IBM stole Xinuos’ intellectual property and used that stolen property to manufacture and sell products to compete with Xinuos. Second, the stolen assets were in the hands of IBM, IBM and Red Hat. agreed to use their growing market forces to illegally divide the related market and victimize consumers, innovative competitors and innovation. Third, after IBM and Red Hat began their conspiracy, IBM abandoned its plan. Acquired Red Hat to strengthen and make it permanent. Read more details via ZDNet, , ,time,

Also, I mentioned this in a previous article last month, but check it out Fxtec Pro1x Linux Smartphone,

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