Color Printer only prints in black and white in Windows.

One of my users has an annoying problem with HP color printers. After connecting the printer (either directly, or via GPO as a shared network printer) and installing the drivers, it works fine and prints documents in color. However, some days the color printing option disappears from the printer menu, so it only prints in black and white.

If you remove the printer from the Windows device and reinstall the drivers, color printing appears, but only for a short time.

open first print preferences and go paper / quality Tab (for HP printers). Make sure that color Here the option is selected instead of black and white.

hp disables black and white printing

If the color option is missing, click advanced, In advanced options window, set off for print in grayscale below document option section.

HP printer disables print in grayscale

Then enable color printing option in printer settings.

On HP printers, you’ll also need to look for another option in the driver settings. Open Printer Properties and go to device settings tab. Make sure that type of equipment it’s on color (not auto detect or monochrome) in the printer features list.

Printer Properties Device Type is set to Color instead of Monochrome

If the color printing option is still unavailable, create a special parameter in the printer registry key.

  1. run Regedit.exe,
  2. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\YourPrinterName\PrinterDriverData,
  3. Create a DWORD parameter with name colorprinting and value 1, ColorPrinting Registry Parameters for Windows Printers
  4. Restart the print service using PowerShell: get-service spooler|restart-service

Check that the “Print to Color” option is now available in the printer settings. It works for HP printers and other printer models, such as Canon, Epson, etc.

Enable Print in Color option for Canon printers

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