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Microsoft has recently released a new WebView2-based version of MS Teams for Windows. Switching from the Electron engine to the WebView2 runtime significantly improved Teams’ performance (almost doubled) and reduced RAM usage (also almost doubled). However, when installing the new version of the Microsoft Teams client for Windows, the following errors may occur:

Something went wrong and we couldn't install the new Teams. Please try again later.


We’re sorry - We’ve run into an issue.

Microsoft 365 admin can enable it try new teams Switch to specific team users.

To do this, you need to create a new policy under team update in the Microsoft Teams admin center, and then assign it to specific users. Another option is to enable the policy using the Teams PowerShell module:

Set-CsTeamsUpdateManagementPolicy -identity DefaultTeamsPolicy -UseNewTeamsClient UserChoice

Can install new Microsoft Teams client: something went wrong
If a policy is assigned but the switch is still unavailable, try clearing it %appdata%/Microsoft/Teams folder.

Before you can install Teams, you need to make sure that the WebView2 runtime is installed on your computer. Open PowerShell console and run command:

Get-Package -name *WebView2* |ft -AutoSize
Check Installed WebView2 Runtime Chat on Windows

Name Version Source ProviderName ---- ------- ------ ------------
Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime 111.0.1661.62 Programs
Among other things, the WebView2 runtime environment is used by the Microsoft Edge browser. For this reason, if you have uninstalled MS Edge from your computer, make sure that you have not removed WebView2 with it.

The built-in WinGet package manager allows you to install WebView2 from the command line:

winget install --id=Microsoft.EdgeWebView2Runtime -e

Check that the following Group Policy options are disabled or not configured on Windows to prevent installation of the Teams MSIX package. Use gpresult or rsop.msc command to obtain the resulting Group Policy setting on your computer. Check that the following options are not configured or disabled under Computer Configuration -> Windows Components -> Application Package Deployment:

  • Prevent non-administrator users from installing packaged Windows apps
  • Allow all trusted apps to be installed

GPO that may be preventing Teams from installing

These correspond to the following parameters in GPOs HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Appx registry key:

  • BlockNonAdminUserInstall
  • allow all trusted apps
  • allow developmentwithoutdev license

For example, if the value of BlockNonAdminUserInstall = 1replace it 0Then restart the classic Teams client and try to install the new Teams.

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