G-Core Labs CDN Review

G-Core Labs has its own cloud and edge solutions ecosystem where Content Delivery Network (CDN) has been instrumental in the beginning. Unlike other providers, the company offers all the benefits of CDN and cloud, storage, DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and deep integration between other cloud services at affordable rates. With this, G-Core Labs CDN remains one of the best due to its high-performance servers and low response times within 25 ms worldwide and even 3-5 ms in some European and other countries.

These advantages probably make the G-Core Labs CDN an optimal solution for online businesses looking to improve network performance and secure customer data, but let’s see what’s special about this service.

G-Core Labs CDN Features:

  • Over 150 points of presence in 130+ cities
  • 100+ internet exchange points and over 7000 peering partners
  • 24/7 support, technical documentation in English and German languages
  • Integrated DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Single control panel for all cloud solutions with seamless controls

Overview of the Top Features of the G-Core Labs CDN

G-Core Labs says its CDN supports all required protocols (HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, HESP, IPv6, HLS), has flexible settings, advanced security options, and a convenient control panel. Let us delve deeper into these statements and have an overview of the key features of CDNs.

A global presence and short response times

G-Core Labs CDN has over 150 presence in over 130 cities. Take a look at the map – it’s literally the whole world:

G-Core Labs - A Global Presence and Short Response Time

Global presence and high-performance CPUs, such as the third generation Intel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake) processors, provide customers with one of the best competitive response rates within 25 ms worldwide. We’ve checked this statement and it turns out to be true: CDNPerf confirmed G-Core Labs as one of the top 5 best CDN providers in Europe in terms of performance, with a query speed of around 22 ms.

advanced security options

When it comes to security, G-Core Labs has a lot to offer. The providers’ CDN combines with the latest generation DDoS and malicious bot protection, providing real-time protection against any type and any level (inc. L3/L4/L7) attacks. It also has Web Application Firewall (WAF) which protects clients from application level attacks. In addition, the platform lets you choose your preferred TLS version, IP address, and cipher. If your website is using HTTP, the CDN automatically redirects all requests to HTTPS. It also provides you with free SSL encryption.

G-Core Labs - Advanced Security Options

server load balancing

To keep content available even when servers are down or temporarily unavailable, G-Core Labs uses load balancing to distribute incoming traffic across multiple edge servers. These servers can be located in different locations and customers can choose from which countries they want their websites and applications to be served. Automatic calculation of the total load on all CDN servers also allows G-Core Labs to offer customers the fastest speed of delivery and the highest availability of their content to end users at any location around the world.

instant cash purge

G-Core Labs allows you to clear the cache instantly with a single click. This is essential where there is a sudden peak in traffic and is useful when you need to update your site or application as the option allows you to provide visitors with the latest version of content immediately. Server-side caching futures guarantees that repeated-viewed content is available from the G-Core Labs CDN cache servers to allow faster content delivery to end-users. It is possible to enable server-side caching options for certain file extensions, cookies, query strings, and even URL addresses.

Flexible CDN settings and easy-to-use control panel

G-Core Labs combines an easy-to-use control panel with advanced CDN options. With a simple button click, you can turn CDN on or off for your website or app, quickly clear cache and get rid of any features you don’t need. Custom features include speed optimization through browser caching Intelligent HTTP request routing that delivers cached pages in milliseconds over an encrypted connection. It delivers your content 40% faster.

An interface of a personal account seems intuitive enough to simplify CDN control even for inexperienced users. An API is provided for advanced clients to remotely configure and update any CDN settings.

Flexible CDN settings and easy-to-use control panel

detailed statistics

The G-Core Labs Control Panel provides all-important reports to the users. Here you can see detailed information about current CDN usage: how much bandwidth you use to monthly usage statistics and the resources distributed through the CDN.

detailed statistics

If you want to understand how a CDN works for your websites and apps, there is an advanced analysis section for you. Here you can find comprehensive reporting on all aspects of content delivery: from visitors by country to the browser, device and operating system they use. The information is presented visually, making it easy to understand even for novice users.

advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics G-Core Labs CDN allows users to monitor content delivery performance and quickly make changes when needed.

affordable price

Take a look at this comparison:

affordable price

Not only is the G-Core Labs CDN cheaper than competing solutions, but it also has a completely free plan, which comes with 28 points of presence and 1 TB of traffic. There are three other plans, which can be freely tested by customers with a trial period of 14 days.

G-Core Labs - Compare Plans

Summary of G-Core Labs

G-Core Labs provides online businesses with highly scalable CDNs that offer short response times and advanced security options at affordable rates. Combined with an ecosystem of cloud services, it provides customers with advanced features to deliver their content faster, safer and cheaper. Due to this combination, this CDN appears to be an optimal solution for small and medium sized businesses as well as enterprises.

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