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Home network security refers to the security of the networks that connect devices – such as routers, computers, smartphones, security cameras, etc. – to each other and to the external web. Although most home network attacks are non-personal, once a network is connected to the Internet, it immediately becomes vulnerable and vulnerable to external threats. It doesn’t matter the size of your network; Big or small, home or business.

Recently, there has been big jump In phishing, virus, malware/ransomware and DoS (denial-of-service) attacks. In fact, home network security is now more important than ever. one of main lines of defense you can have to install a network firewall In front of your home network to protect against external threats.

Importance of Home Network Firewall

When configured correctly, a network firewall can block malicious traffic from entering your home network and alert you to potentially harmful activity.

Most wireless home routers have a configurable, built-in network firewall that includes essential features such as access control, web-filtering, and DOS defense. Depending on the model of your ISP router or home router you buy, you can usually configure it to provide some protection against network threats. Please take a look at my recommendations for home routers, hardware, and other home network equipment.

Meet Firewall!

Firewall Blue Plus

Firewall Blue Plus: Smart and powerful cyber security firewall tool protecting your family and business

Simply put, firewall is a network layer security tool. An all-in-one, simple, yet powerful firewall that connects to your home router.

Small 2in x 2in . inside Firewall Blue Plus Box There is an open-source software function to monitor and control your home or small business network traffic. It provides layers of protection :rUL-based filtering, iBuilt-in VPN services (server and client) for intrusion detection, systems, intrusion prevention systems, intelligent behavior analysis, and secure communications, all managed by a modern, easy-to-use app on your smartphone. , read more,

Firewalla Blue Plus Device Cheap

Firewalla Blue Plus Vs Red

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