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Is your phone's camera not working, or perhaps you don't have access to it right now? In that case, you scan a QR code with your Windows PC or Mac webcam. But what to do if your PC doesn't have a webcam or it's not working? fret not. In this guide, we will show you how to scan QR codes on PC or Mac with or without a webcam.

Scan QR Code with Windows or Laptop Webcam

If you have a laptop or PC with a webcam, you can use the native camera app that comes pre-installed on Windows. It offers a simple and ad-free user experience that many of you can appreciate. Here's how to use it:

1. open camera Open the app on your Windows PC or laptop and then switch to barcode Tab.

Open Camera app on Windows

2. After that, indicate QR code in front of webcam, Once the scan is complete, it will display url or link Of webpage.

Place the QR code in front of the webcam

On clicking this it will open Web Page On your default web browser.

Scan QR Code on PC or Laptop

Windows PC or Laptop Scan QR Code without Webcam

If you don't have a webcam for your desktop or your laptop's webcam no longer works, you can rely on third-party apps to scan QR codes. Here's the complete guide:

Comment: To allow a third-party app to scan a QR code, you must have a photo of it on your computer.

1. establish qr code scanner (By Matthias Duke) From the Microsoft Store.

2. Once done, open the app and then go to Open QR Image Tab. Then click on open image file button.

Click on Open Image File button

3. On the next window, select qr image which you want to hit by scanning open,

Select QR Image

4. After the scan is complete, the URL will be displayed. you can just click on copy to clipboard Press the button and then paste the URL into the address bar of the browser.

Copy URL to clipboard

Squeeze enter key, and it will open the relevant webpage.

Scan QR code on computer without webcam

How to Scan QR Code on Mac

Unlike Windows, Mac has no native webcam app for scanning QR codes. So we will rely on third-party apps to do this. This way:

1. establish QR capture Applications from the Mac App Store.

Install QR Capture

2. launch APP And open the QR image you want to scan. Place the phone frame over the QR code and then click shutter button (camera icon).

Scan QR Code on Mac without Webcam

In a few seconds, it will open the webpage on your default web browser.

Pro Tip: You can use the mobile rotation icon to change the orientation of the phone's frame.

Change the orientation of the phone frame

On the other hand, if you want to scan the QR code with your Mac's webcam, you can simply click on camera icon (with two circular arrows) and then place the QR code inside the phone frame.

Scan QR codes with your Mac's webcam

After that, it will automatically open the webpage on your browser.

How to scan QR code online (browser)

If you don't want to go through the hassle of installing apps just to scan one or two QR codes, you can try the online method. However, if you have a QR code that contains sensitive information, we would not recommend you to follow this method, as your data may be stored on third-party servers.

Now that those things are resolved, here's how to scan QR code online:

1. open web qr website on your desktop browser, and if prompted, allow Camera access.

Visit Web QR website

2. Now point the QR code inside the frame, and after the scan is complete, it will display the webpage link below. Click on the webpage to open it.

Point the QR code inside the frame

If you want to scan QR codes without a webcam, here's how:

1. click on camera icon and then click select files button.

Click on the camera icon

2. As usual, select the QR image and click open,

Select QR image

That is all! After this it will show the website link below.

scan qr code online

questions to ask

1. Why is the QR code not being recognized?

Your QR code may not be recognized due to various reasons such as crumpled QR paper, poor lighting, incorrect QR code, or expired QR code.

2. Are there any security risks involved in scanning QR codes?

Yes, absolutely, and there are some common risks you should be aware of. Attackers can create a fake QR code, which can be used for malicious activities like phishing, malware, collecting personal data, redirecting to payment gateway, etc.

3. My webcam is not working or not detecting. what do I have to do?

Some common reasons for your webcam not working or being recognized include the QR scanner app not allowing access to your camera, your antivirus blocking webcam access throughout the system, or the webcam driver being incompatible with the current Windows or Mac version. Is included.

Turn your computer into a QR code scanner

Although you would never feel obligated to use a QR code scanner on your computer while keeping your smartphone nearby, there are instances when it becomes important to focus on work without distractions. How many times have we found ourselves using our phones for a specific task, only to wander through TikTok, YouTube or Instagram Reels? We hope the above guide helps you to scan QR codes from your Mac or Windows computer.

Before you go, you can also check out our list on some of the best ways to create QR codes.

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