Panopta (exclusive offer) Get 2 months free

Over the years Panopta has listened to customer feedback; They continue to respond with additional development and improvements to their infrastructure, application and network performance monitoring tools. With Panopta you can easily monitor the most basic metrics in complex infrastructure so that you can identify the root cause of problems. If you suffer from false-positive warnings, try Panopta!

I am happy to announce that Panopta has something special for the readers of this blog. As a sign of appreciation, they are offering 2 months free monitoring when you Sign up through this page,

Getting started: No credit card is required to signup.

Disclaimer: Panopta has been a constant Tier 1 sponsor of this blog for the past 4 years. The above links – although tracked – are not affiliate links. Neither do I get any commission if you sign up. Special thanks to everyone involved @panopta And also to the other amazing sponsors who continue to develop and offer amazing APM, NPM and other infrastructure monitoring solutions.

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