Pocket: A card-sized modular computer

Just listen everyone! Hayden invited me to talk about a project I’m working on – a tool called Pockit:

About Project Pocket

The project aims to allow users to quickly create a variety of gadgets by connecting any arrangement of modular “blocks” (each corresponding to a specific function: buttons, SD cards, cameras, servo-motors, relays, etc.) to a connection grid. have to give. Top of Pocket, which can run various applications, including Linux-based ones.

I’ve made an exciting amount of progress over the past several months and created the above video demo of what this modular platform has enabled so far.

project pocket

Pocket Early-Access Program

If you’d like to potentially be part of an early-access program to try out Pocket, you can sign up to project website – The site contains a lot of photos and descriptions for those who are interested in the development of the device.

I am also happy to answer Comments/Questions here Or provide guidance for those who want to enter the exciting field of embedded electronics!

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