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In some cases, users may need to send or forward email to a Microsoft Teams channel directly from an Outlook inbox. An e-mail address is automatically generated for each Teams channel, which you can use to send e-mail.

By default, you are allowed to send email messages to Teams channel SMTP addresses. The tenant administrator can enable/disable this feature through the Microsoft Teams admin center (,

  1. Go to Teams -> Team Settings -> Email Integration;
  2. make sure option User can send email to channel email address Is enabled;
  3. use field Accept channel email from these SMTP domains To specify which email domains are allowed to send email to Teams (by default, Teams channels can receive email from all addresses, including all external domains).

Team channel: Users can send email to the channel's email address

Now you need to get the email address that was automatically generated for your Teams channel. Open the MS Teams client and click on the three-dot icon in the top corner. choose get email address,

Get team channel e-mail address

A pop-up window will appear showing the SMTP address assigned to this channel. Copy it.

AdminAlerts – TeamName <[email protected]>

Copy SMTP address from Teams

In advanced settings section, you can specify who is allowed to send email messages to the SMTP address of the Teams channel. You can only allow email from Teams group members, or set up a list of allowed SMTP domains. You can also remove the SMTP address from the Teams channel here. In this case, you will not be able to send e-mail to this channel.

Allow sending e-mail messages to team addresses

Now go to your mail client and send a message to the SMTP address of the MS Teams channel. You can create a new email or forward an existing inbox email directly to the Microsoft Teams channel you need. You can also attach files to e-mail.

Send e-mail with attachments to a team channel from Outlook

Note that there are restrictions on attaching files when sending email to a Teams channel:

  • The size of each attached file should not exceed 10MB;
  • You can attach up to 20 files;
  • Up to 50 images can be used in the body of an e-mail.

After a while, your email will appear in the Teams channel with the subject line:

Tobias Bauer via email

E-mail message displayed in team channel

The email itself and any attached files are automatically saved to the SharePoint site that was automatically created when this channel was created.

Links to files are available in the Files section of your Teams channel in a subfolder with the following name structure: Email Message_10_2022,

Attachment files in Teams

Note that if you reply to this email in the Teams client, the reply will only be sent to the Teams channel and not to the sender’s email address (you’ll also see the tip saying “”)You're replying to an email message and your comment will only be visible in Teams,

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