trackpoint replacement

I have been using Lenovo x301 for 3 years. The only issue I have is the trackpoint caps. They don’t last that long. Or maybe 3 years is a bit long.

Anyway, I really love this laptop and although I use both TrackPoint and Trackpad, it’s safe to say that I use TrackPoint the most. I know, a lot of users hate Trackpoint but I can’t live without it. I’ve been using Lenovo/IBM Thinkpads for almost a decade.

I found these last week Quality Replacement Cap on Amazon (pictured above) only for Rs. (Prior to shipping and sadly not prime eligible). I decided to buy them especially because of the reviews and can now confirm that they are of good quality! Of course, you can spend a little more and buy TrackPoint directly from Lenovo.


For my T60 (which I have a port replicator) I ordered the above bluetooth wireless thinkpad keyboard, … you know it … a trackpoint!

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