Truthfulness Linux Showdown 8

Want to flex your scripting skills? Do you want a chance to win great prizes too? If so, you should be competing in Linux Showdown 8: “The Assembler” hosted by TrueAbility!

trueability Built with tech professionals in mind, it has a huge community of Linux members. Everything from Linux challenges and self-assessments to blog posts and Linux jobs can be found on Truthability.

They launched an old school challenge on March 16 to test the scripting skills of technical professionalsth And they are calling it their toughest challenge to date. Go show them you know all about hardware programming language: assembly. The top 50 techniques from Round 1 will move on to the even more challenging Round 2. Think you have what it takes to make it on their leaderboard and advance to Round 2?

There are lots of prizes to be awarded! From Linux Foundation Certified Engineer Exam credits and TrueAbility ability screens to DigitalOcean credits and even the D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router. It doesn’t cost anything to join the fun. Go prove what you have and win prizes.

about the truth

Trueability is a cloud-based technical assessment tool. Today, recruiters and hiring managers rely on resume keywords and written exams to qualify a job candidate. Resumes are often embellished, and the written test does not accurately capture the true potential of the candidate, only their theoretical knowledge of the technique. Trueability has built a platform to solve this problem by validating technical skills on a real server – allowing them to demonstrate their capabilities in technologies relevant to the job they are applying for. The results can be used by companies to rank job applicants, reduce their cost per hire, and expedite the hiring process.

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