web server optimization services

Are your websites hosted on Linux servers that are often unreachable or slow? Maybe you’ve already read articles like it, which shows how decreasing page load times can lead to a huge increase in conversions. If this interests you, take a look at my Web Server Services.

Ongoing full server management

Uptime monitoring and response to alerts, firewall/security monitoring, updating of Linux kernel and security patches, performance tuning and monitoring MySQLperformance tuning and monitoring of httpd (american tribe, nginx, etc.), setup of server health page for fast real time check, active trend graphs of critical hardware usage and health, mobile contact # for instant phone support. Discounted rate for annual retainer customers.

web server audit

Start @ $449 per server

Server OS Analysis, Hardware/Resource Checking (Disk I/O, RAM, Swap, CPU), Network Checking, Firewall & Security, MySQL Health Checking, httpd (Apache, Nginx, etc.), PHP Optimization (including OpCache Testing), Hosting Control Panel (cPanel, Plesk, etc.), Server and Web browser caching. Etcetera. The audit includes a full adaptation estimate.

web server optimization

Addresses the issues found during the audit. The “Full Web Server Audit” must be completed first.

Server OS Tuning, Removal of Any Hardware Bottlenecks, Network Optimization, Server I/O Optimization, Firewall Setup and/or Optimization, MySQL (MariaDB,percona) performance tuning, httpd (apache, nginxVarnish, etc.) performance tuning, PHP performance optimization, control panel optimization (cPanel, Plesk, etc.), server and web browser caching setup.

Additional Linux Services

security tight
Linux OS Integrity Checking and Optimization, Firewall and Network, Email Server Security or Port Disabling, brute force protectionweb application, apache/http server, sshFTP, Mysql Strict.

MySQL performance optimization
MySQL server needs to be optimized to perform well. This is often the slowest and most resource-intensive process on your server. Optimization will be specific to your hardware and web application after reviewing the 24- to 48-hour run-time statistics.

PHP speed optimization
PHP is setup by most web hosts using a vanilla install. Web apps like Magento, WordPress, Drupal etc, depend heavily on PHP. My approach is to strip PHP to use only the extensions needed for your applications, setup PHP’s caching feature using the best method, tune PHP’s configuration file and ensure version compatibility with your code .

cPanel Customization
cPanel is an extremely useful hosting panel that allows even non-administrators to manage their web servers and websites with a fairly simple GUI. But all this feature comes with a ton of bloat and poorly optimized services which by default only largely focus on compatibility. cPanel is often a resource hog with a one-size-fits-all default setup. My cPanel optimization will focus on reducing the memory footprint and CPU usage of all the services that cPanel/WHM controls. Ensuring that more resources on your server are made available to serve visitors.

CDN or Cloudflare Setup
No matter how fast your web server is, web browsers can only download so many images and static files from a single source at once. As such, moving some or all of your images, CSS, and JS files to a CDN provider can greatly improve end-user page load speeds. or having cloudflare Speed ​​up your website using the same principles, also resulting in a faster end-user experience.

apache performance optimization
I have already published part of my Apache optimization process. It goes beyond just modules but also ensures that the core configuration of Apache is optimized. My configuration will be adjusted to fit your hardware, traffic and web application. After customization, I can suggest to install Nginx reverse proxy.

Nginx performance optimization
Nginx is faster than the first installation. But additional performance and scaling can be achieved by configuring caching and headers, optimizing Nginx to use all CPU cores, improving buffer usage, and reducing writes to disk.

web app performance optimization
This includes auditing WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.

Service Type
anti virus scan and protection, Amazon EC2 Management, cdn (Content Delivery Network), Capacity Planning, Cloudflare, Cloud Management, Consulting, Control Panel, DNS, kernel optimizationLoad Balancing, Monitoring, Networking, No Downtime Migration, Operating System, PCI DSS ComplianceProactive Response, Project Management, Recovery, Script Installation, Vulnerability Scanning, Web Applications (WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc.).

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