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Many users face issues with below average print quality on their HP printers. Here are the top troubleshooting tricks to fix poor print quality on HP printer.

1. Clean Printer

The head, nozzles, and other components of your HP printer become clogged over time. As a result, you may see white lines on the pages. When you don't use your HP printer for a long time, the ink can dry out and cause problems with print visibility.

You can run the clean printhead function on your printer. This option is available on HP printers with a touchscreen front panel. You can also clean the printer manually.

  1. Disconnect the printer from the power source and remove each ink cartridge. Clean the contacts with a damp cloth.
  2. Clear the printhead contacts and reinsert everything. HP recommends repeating this several times

2. Choose good quality paper

You should not use cheap paper with your HP printer. It's affordable for a reason. If you see toner pieces, blurred text, and other irregularities, switch to higher quality paper and try again.

3.Ensure adequate ink level

Insufficient ink levels on your HP printer can also cause problems with print quality. HP offers hp print app On desktop to manage devices like a professional. You can launch it and check the estimated ink supply level from the home menu. Mac users can follow the steps below to take a look at the supply level.

1. Click on the Apple icon in the menu bar and open system arrangement,

2. scroll to Printers and Scanners And select your printer.

3. choose Options and Supply and move towards supply level Menu.

When it's time to change the ink on your printer, be sure to use toner and ink recommended by HP. Note that toner cartridges can be easily damaged if not handled carefully.

4. Improve print quality

By default, your HP printer prints a document or photo in normal quality. You can change it to High or Best to get better results. Let's take Mac and iPhone as examples.


1. Open Finder on Mac and select the file you want to print. Press Command + P keys.

2. When impression Menu opens, scroll media and quality,

3. Increase quality choose more Best,


1. Open Files and select a document.

2. Tap and select Share at the bottom impression,

3. Check and select your HP printer media and quality,

4. slide on Best tap more impression,

Your HP printer prioritizes quality over speed when printing your documents.

5. Run the Printer Troubleshooter

Windows comes with a built-in troubleshooter to fix annoying problems with your HP printer. Here's how to use it.

1. Press Windows + I keys to open Settings.

2. choose bluetooth and devices Open more from the sidebar Printers and Scanners,

3. Select your connected HP printer.

4. Run the troubleshooter from the following menu.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task. Try printing a few files and continue reading if print quality problems persist. If you have trouble printing Microsoft Word files, check out our dedicated guide to fixing the problem.

6. Use high-resolution files

Are you planning to print many photos using your laser HP printer? Use high-resolution image files before pressing the print button on your phone or desktop.

You should not use images obtained from third-party apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. These apps compress images and affect the final quality of the paper. You can use the high-resolution camera mode on your phone to shoot high-quality images.

7. Check for HP Printer Driver Updates

Outdated printer drivers can cause problems with print quality. Go to the official HP website and search for your printer to download the latest driver. Now, use the Device Manager menu on Windows to install them.

1. Right-click the Windows key and open the Device Manager menu.

2. Increase Printer And right-click on HP printer. choose update driver,

3. Let the system find and install the latest drivers on your PC.

8. Protect HP printer from heat and moisture

If your HP printer is exposed to excessive heat, you may see poor print quality. You should keep your HP printer away from the window to avoid extreme heat and moisture.

9. Print a test page

When you plan to print a large document containing many pages, be sure to print a test page first. Find and press an information button on your HP printer and print a test page to check the print quality.

Print lossless files on your HP printer

Poor print quality on your HP printer can disrupt your workflow. Before you call a professional or contact HP Support, use the tips above to fix print quality issues.

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