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Bluetooth audio devices provide a convenient way to watch live streams, participate in meetings, and listen to music without the hassle of tangled wires. But what if you connect your favorite Bluetooth headphones or speakers to your Windows 11 PC with no sound? Don't worry; There is no need to return to a wired connection. Here are some tips to fix no sound on Windows 11 PC when Bluetooth device is connected.

1. Check Default Audio Device and Volume Level

Before you tackle any of the advanced troubleshooting tips in this list, it's a good idea to check the volume level and default audio output devices on your Windows 11 PC. Here's how to do it.

1. right-click speaker icon in the lower-right corner on the taskbar and select sound settings,

Open Sound Settings on Windows 11

2. Select your Bluetooth device under Production Section. Then, use the volume slider to increase it as per your preference.

Check Default Audio Output Device on Windows 11

2. Change Audio Format and Disable Sound Enhancements

If Windows still doesn't play sound after setting your Bluetooth headphones or speakers as the default option, the problem may be with the set audio format. This can also happen if you have enabled audio enhancement features on Windows and your Bluetooth audio device does not support them. Here's how to fix it.

1. right-click speaker icon Select More on the taskbar sound settings,

2. Click the arrow next to your Bluetooth audio device.

audio output devices on windows 11

3. Use the drop-down menu next to Format Select different options and check if they work. Use Examination Button to check the sound output after changing the format.

Change audio output format on Windows 11

4. Scroll down and set audio enhancement And spatial sound To Close,

Turn off audio enhancements on Windows 11

After this try playing the audio on your PC and check if the issue still occurs.

3. Unpair and pair Bluetooth devices

If Bluetooth audio headphones or speakers are not paired correctly they may refuse to play sound or keep cutting out. So, you can resolve such issues by unpairing the problematic device and pairing it again. Here are the steps for that.

1. Squeeze Windows key + I keyboard shortcut to open settings app, switch to bluetooth and device Tab on the left sidebar and click equipment In the right pane.

bluetooth devices on windows 11

2. Below Audio section, click three-dot menu icon Next to your Bluetooth device and select remove the device,

Remove Bluetooth Devices from Windows 11

3. Click Add device button at the top and select Bluetooth,

Add Bluetooth device to Windows 11

4. Put your Bluetooth headphones or speaker in pairing mode and select it when it shows up in Windows 11 on your PC.

Pair Bluetooth devices to Windows 11

When your Bluetooth device is connected, set it as the default option to check whether it plays sound or not.

4. Run the Bluetooth and Audio Troubleshooter

Another thing you can do is run the Bluetooth and Audio troubleshooter. This will allow Windows to diagnose general audio and fix any Bluetooth-related issues.

1. Squeeze windows key + s Keyboard shortcut to open the search menu. Type Troubleshoot settings box and press enter,

Troubleshoot Settings on Windows

2. click on other troublemakers,

Other troubleshooters on Windows

3. Click run button next to Audio And follow the on-screen prompts to run the tool. play like this Bluetooth Troubleshooter from the same menu.

Audio and Bluetooth troubleshooter on Windows 11

5. Restart Bluetooth Support Service

The Bluetooth Support service helps Windows discover and communicate with nearby Bluetooth devices. If this service crashes on your Windows 11 PC, your Bluetooth headphones or speakers will not output any sound.

You can restart the Bluetooth Support service manually.

1. Squeeze Windows key + R Keyboard shortcut to open the Run dialog box. Type services.msc box and press enter,

Open Services app on Windows 11

2. right-click bluetooth support service choose more restart, If it is not running, select Start,

Restart Bluetooth Audio Service on Windows 11

After completing the above steps, try playing any audio on your Bluetooth device.

6. Reinstall Bluetooth Drivers

Bluetooth drivers on your PC facilitate communication between Windows and Bluetooth devices, such as wireless headphones and speakers. If these drivers have become corrupted, your Bluetooth audio device may not work.

To fix this, you can try reinstalling the problematic driver using these steps:

1. right click on start mark choose more device Manager from the list.

Open Device Manager on Windows

2. Increase BluetoothRight-click on your Bluetooth adapter, and select uninstall device,

Uninstall Bluetooth Driver on Windows 11

3. choose Uninstall to confirm.

Confirm uninstalling Bluetooth driver on Windows 11

Restart your PC after completing the above steps. Windows will automatically install the missing Bluetooth driver. After that, you should not face any problems.

highlight the sound

When you've become accustomed to the convenience of using Bluetooth headphones or speakers, it can be difficult to return to wired options. We hope that following the above tips has helped resolve the underlying issue and the Bluetooth audio device is playing sound as expected.

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