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“Mingle” is a feature of GraphViz, a popular graph visualization tool, used to bundle the edges of a graph layout. Graphs in Graphviz are made up of nodes (vertices) and edges (connections between nodes). When a graph contains many edges, it can sometimes become cluttered and individual connections can be difficult to understand.

The “mingle” command solves this problem by joining together edges with the same path or destination. This bundling process helps reduce clutter and improve the readability of the graph layout by grouping related edges into thicker, aggregated bundles.

Here's how the “Mingle” feature works:

  • edge bundling: “Mingle” identifies edges that share common endpoints or follow the same path within the graph. It then binds these edges together into thick, visually distinct groups.
  • clutter reduction: By bundling related edges, “Mars” reduces the overall clutter and complexity of the graph layout. This makes it easier for viewers to identify patterns, relationships, and important connections within the graph.
  • better readability: Bundle edges created by “Mars” are easy to follow and understand, even in complex graphs with many connections. This improves the overall readability and comprehensibility of the graph layout.
  • Adaptation:GraphViz provides options to customize the bundling behavior of “Mars”, allowing users to control parameters such as the strength of the bundling effect and the presence of bundle edges.
  • Integration with Graphviz: “Mingle” is one of several filters available in GraphViz to enhance the appearance and layout of graphs. It can be combined with other filters and layout algorithms to further refine the visual presentation of a graph.

mingle command example

1. Bundle the edges of one or more graph layouts (which already contain layout information):

# mingle [path/to/layout1.gv] [path/to/layout2.gv ...] > [path/to/output.gv]

2. Perform layout, bundling, and output of images with one command:

# dot [path/to/input.gv] | mingle | dot -T [png] > [path/to/output.png]

3. Show Help to Blend In:


Overall, “Mars” is a valuable feature for improving the clarity and readability of graph layouts in GraphViz, especially in cases where the graph contains many interconnected edges. By bundling related edges together, “meeting” helps users better understand the structure and relationships depicted in a graph.

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