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WhatsApp's desktop app helps you continue a conversation from a computer. You might take a break from your phone only to encounter an annoying experience – WhatsApp desktop app failed to load photos sent to you by your friends and family. You have to pick up your phone and open WhatsApp at least once for the images to download in its desktop app. When this happens again and again, you can follow the solutions below to fix WhatsApp desktop app not downloading images issue.

1. Check network connection

While WhatsApp offers the option to send or receive up to 64 MB of video (and 2 GB file), you may receive larger files. To download those files smoothly, your Windows PC or Mac needs to be connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi network.

Before downloading media files, go to To test your internet connection and ensure double digit (in Mbps) internet speed. If you're not happy with the speeds, check out our guide to fixing Wi-Fi glitches on your Mac or Windows PC.

2. You Can't Download Old Images

Are you trying to download months old images or videos from your WhatsApp desktop? You may receive a message like this Use WhatsApp on your phone to view old messages, Unfortunately, you can't view or download old messages in WhatsApp on your desktop. You have to use your phone to view those photos.

3. Check device storage

If your Mac or Windows runs out of storage, you may have trouble downloading pictures and videos. Here's how to check the storage on your device and make sure you have enough space.


1. Squeeze Windows + I keyboard shortcut to open Adjustment app on your Windows desktop.

2. choose System tap more storage,

3. Check detailed storage details. Able storage sense To automatically remove fake files. clear the recycle Bin To free up space.


1. Click Apple Open the icon in the upper-left corner of the menu bar and system arrangement,

2. scroll to General and click storage,

3. Take a look at your Mac storage and take necessary steps to free up space for WhatsApp media files.

4. Check Storage Permission (Mac)

When you download a photo or video from WhatsApp for the first time, the app asks you to enable the relevant permission to save them in the Downloads folder. WhatsApp can't save media files on your Mac if you haven't given permission.

1. Click Apple Open the icon in the upper-left corner of the menu bar and system arrangement,

2. scroll to Privacy & Security,

3. choose files and folders,

This image has an empty optional attribute;  Its file name is WhatsApp-desktop-not-downloading-images-5.jpg

4. scroll to WhatsAppExpand it, and enable download Folder Toggle.

Restart WhatsApp and try downloading the images and videos again.

5. Enable Save in Downloads

Do your downloaded WhatsApp photos and videos fail to appear in the Finder or File Explorer app? Instead of manually saving every photo and video, tweak WhatsApp settings to enable media auto-saving.

whatsapp for mac

1. Launch WhatsApp on Mac and select Adjustment From the lower left corner.

2. choose chat And click on the checkbox next to save to download,

whatsapp for windows

1. Launch WhatsApp on Windows. Click Adjustment In the lower left corner.

2. move towards storage Enable the menu and the checkmark next to it photos, Audio, VideoAnd document,

6. Sign out and sign back in

WhatsApp can't download desktop images due to account authentication error. To resolve this, you can sign out of your WhatsApp account, then sign back in. After that, you can try downloading the images.

whatsapp for mac

1. Open WhatsApp on Windows. Click Adjustment In the lower left corner.

2. choose Account and click log out,

whatsapp for windows

1. Open WhatsApp on Windows. Click Adjustment In the lower left corner.

2. Go General Select More in the left sidebar log out,

Launch WhatsApp on your phone, open connected devices Menu, and set it on desktop by scanning the QR code.

7. Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp frequently releases app updates to add new features and fix bugs. Old WhatsApp on your Windows or Mac can cause errors when downloading media. You can install the latest version of WhatsApp from the Microsoft Store or Mac App Store to try again on the new version.

whatsapp for windows

8. Reinstall WhatsApp

When none of the methods work, you may consider living with the problem. However, there is one last thing you may not have tried – reinstall WhatsApp. Here's how to delete and reinstall WhatsApp on Mac and Windows.


1. Open Finder on Mac and select Application From the sidebar.

2. right click on WhatsApp and click move to bin,


1. Press the Windows icon to open Start Find Menu and WhatsApp.

2. Right-click on it and select Uninstall,

Get WhatsApp for your Windows or Mac and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp mobile app to set it up.

9. Use WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is also available on the web. You can visit the link below to use WhatsApp in a web browser and set up your account. After syncing your conversations, download photos and videos without any issues.

go to whatsapp web

Manage your WhatsApp chats on desktop

Thanks to WhatsApp's Linked Devices feature, you don't need an active Internet connection on your phone to use the service on the web or desktop. However, all these features are only good on paper when the app fails at basic tasks like media downloading. Before using your phone to view new photos and videos, use the tips above to fix the problem immediately.

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By Ranjan