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The glb mr command is a central feature of glab, a versatile GitLab command-line tool. It serves as a gateway for various operations related to GitLab merge requests (often called pull requests in other Git hosting platforms). GitLab merge requests are essential for collaborating on code changes, reviewing proposed modifications, and integrating new features or improvements into a project's codebase.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the key features and benefits of using Glab Mister and its subcommands:

  • streamlined workflow:Glab MR provides a command-line interface to streamline the process of managing merge requests, creating, viewing, updating, and merging them directly from the terminal.
  • Adaptation: Users can customize merge requests by specifying parameters such as source and target branches, title, description, label, assignee and more through command-line options.
  • integration with automation:Glab Mister and its subcommands can be integrated into automation and scripting workflows, enabling the automated creation, management, and merging of merge requests as part of CI/CD pipelines or other automated processes.

“glab mister” command example

1. Create a merge request:

2. View a specific merge request locally:

# glab mr checkout mr_number

3. View changes made to the merge request:

4. Approve the merge request for the current branch:

5. Interactively merge the merge request associated with the current branch:

6. Edit the merge request interactively:

7. Edit the target branch of the merge request:

# glab mr update --target-branch branch_name

advanced usage

Beyond these fundamental use cases, each glab mr subcommand provides advanced functionality, such as handling multiple merge requests, specifying milestones, resolving merge conflicts, requesting reviews, and more. This versatility makes glab mr a powerful tool for comprehensive GitLab merge request management.


Finally, glab mr and its subcommands are valuable and feature-rich tools for efficiently managing GitLab merge requests directly from the command line. They empower developers, project managers, and DevOps professionals to easily create, customize, view, update, and merge merge requests without the need for a web-based interface. Whether you are a developer, project manager, or automation enthusiast, glb mr and its subcommands significantly enhance your GitLab merge request management experience. For detailed information on the use of Glab Meister, please see the official documentation here.

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