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gml2gv is a command-line tool that is part of the GraphViz software suite, widely used for creating diagrams and visualizations of graphs and networks. Specifically, gml2gv is responsible for converting graphs described in the GML (Graph Modeling Language) format into the GV format, which is the native format used by GraphViz to represent graphs and their layout. This transformation allows users to take advantage of the powerful visualization capabilities of GraphViz with graphs created or stored in GML.

Key features and details about gml2gv:

  • gml to gv conversion: The primary purpose of gml2gv is to convert graphs from GML format to GV format. GML is a text-based format often used to specify graph structures, and GV is the format used by GraphViz for its graph layout and visualization.
  • Interoperability: By converting GML graphs to GV format, users can take advantage of the extensive set of tools and features provided by GraphViz for graph visualization. It includes the ability to generate different types of diagrams such as directed graphs, flowcharts, organizational charts, and more.
  • Graphviz integration: The tool integrates seamlessly with the GraphViz suite, allowing users to use other GraphViz utilities for tasks such as layout customization, rendering, and exporting visualizations to various formats (for example, PNG, SVG, PDF). Is.
  • multiple converters: The GraphViz suite provides several converters, including gml2gv, gv2gml, gv2gxl, gxl2gv, graphml2gv, and mm2gv, to facilitate conversion between different graph file formats. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various graph modeling and visualization tools.
  • Documentation:For detailed information on how to use gml2gv and its command-line options, users can refer to the official documentation available at gml2gv Documentation. Documentation provides examples and usage guidelines.
  • open source:GraphViz is an open-source project, meaning its source code is freely available for inspection and modification. Users can contribute to the project or customize the tools to suit their specific needs.

gml2gv command example

1. Convert the graph from gml to gv format:

# gml2gv -o output.gv input.gml

2. Convert a graph using stdin and stdout:

# cat input.gml | gml2gv > output.gv

3. Display Help:


In summary, gml2gv is a valuable utility for users working with graph data represented in the GML format who want to utilize the advanced visualization capabilities provided by the GraphViz suite. It bridges the gap between different graph formats, enabling seamless integration with GraphViz's extensive tools and features for graph visualization and layout customization.

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