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The go clean command in the Go programming language is used to delete object files and cached files generated during the build process. It is a part of the Go toolchain and is useful for cleaning up the directory of a Go project by removing temporary and generated files. Below is a more detailed description of the go clean command:


# go clean [clean flags] [build flags] [packages]

Go Clean removes object files, cached files, and other generated artifacts from specified packages. If no package is provided, it clears the current package.

“wipe out” command example

1. Print the remove command instead of actually deleting anything:

2. Delete Build Cache:

3. Delete all cached test results:

4. Delete module cache:

The go clean command is useful for maintaining a clean project directory by removing files that are generated during the build process. This ensures that subsequent builds start with a clean slate, reducing the risk of problems related to old or obsolete files.

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