How to Insert Vertical Lines in Google Docs: A Simple Guide

Google Docs has several options for enhancing the detail of your text in a document. Whether it’s beautifying text or changing the format, Google Docs has many different features, and vertical lines is one of them.

A vertical line is useful for a variety of purposes including clear visual separation, increasing clarity of the document, etc. However, many beginners are still unfamiliar with adding vertical lines in Google Docs. So, in this quick guide, we will describe different ways to easily insert a vertical line in Google Docs.

How to Insert a Vertical Line in Google Docs

There are various options for inserting shapes in Google Docs. Let’s take a look at them one by one in simple steps:

1. From the Format tab

First, go to Format > Paragraph Styles > Borders and Shading as shown in the following image:

Now, you can see the following interface. Here, you have different options for lines, so choose the third option to draw a vertical line:

Click “Apply”. Now, you can start writing in your document, and the vertical lines will continue to form together.

2. From the Insert tab (drawing tool)

Sometimes you want to insert a vertical line in the middle or anywhere as per your requirement. In such a situation, you can use this tool to insert a vertical line in Google Docs.

First, click the “Insert” menu in the title bar and select Drawing > New from the drop-down menu.

Now, select the type of line you want to insert into the document.

To draw a vertical line, hold the left cursor or click the “Shift” key and drag past the crosshairs. Release the cursor or key after you finalize your line.

You can also customize your line like increasing or decreasing the thickness, changing the line color, line pattern, etc.

Finally, click “Save and Close” and insert a vertical line in Google Docs.


Adding a line to a document can be tricky, but Google Docs offers several ways to quickly insert a vertical line. Many users like to add vertical lines to the document to make it look clearly clean and well formatted. However, you can use vertical lines as per your needs. Also, we do not recommend you add vertical lines unnecessarily. Otherwise it will confuse the readers.

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By Ranjan