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Swax is a command-line tool used for testing SMTP servers and email delivery. It is written in pure Perl and offers a wide range of features and options to simulate different email scenarios.

SWAX (short for “Swiss Army Knife” for SMTP) allows you to send emails, test various aspects of email delivery, and diagnose any issues with the SMTP server. It supports SMTP authentication, TLS encryption, custom headers, attachments, and more. It can also simulate scenarios like bounced emails, autoresponders and SMTP server load testing.

installing swax

To install Swax, a powerful SMTP testing tool, you can follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have Go installed:
Swax is written in Go, so you'll need to install Go on your system. You can download and install Go from the official Go website:

2. Set up your Go environment:
After Go installation, make sure your Go environment variables are set up properly. This involves adding the Go binary directory to your system's PATH variable.

3. Open a terminal or command prompt:
Open a terminal or command prompt on your system. This is where you will execute the commands to install swax.

4. Install swax using “go get” command:
Use the following commands to install swax:

# go get jetb/swaks

This command uses the Go package manager to fetch the swx package from its GitHub repository and install it on your system.

Verify installation:

Once the installation process is complete, you can verify that Swax is installed correctly by running the following command:

If swax is installed properly, you should see version information printed on the terminal.

That’s it! You have successfully installed Swax on your system. You can now use Swax to test and troubleshoot SMTP servers and email delivery. To learn more about how to use Swax, you can refer to the official Swax documentation available here:

Comment: Swax installation requires an active internet connection as it fetches packages from the GitHub repository.

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