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If you are using old software on new software you may get some strange errors. Today we will describe an error with Inle l219-LM and CentOS 6 error. From time to time, for some reason, Centos 6 fails to initialize the network when using the Intel I219-LM network card. We have encountered the following issue with latest CentOS 6.10 and the following network cards. If you have the same problem then you can read below how to fix it.

How to resolve Intel i219-lm Centos 6 network issue?

The solution to the following problem is very simple – allow the kernel module for this network card. This can be done using the following commands:

And after that, reboot your server and the network will start working. If it doesn't read any other solutions for the following problem.

Workaround for Intel i219-lm Centos 6 network issue

If the first method does not help solve your problem then you will need to patch your kernel. It's not as scary as it sounds and can be done very simply. Download the latest Intel driver and install it. You can download it from the official Intel site:

After that you need to create this:

# tar -zxf e1000e-3.6.0.tar.gz
# cd e1000e-3.6.0/src
# make 
# make -s install
# modprobe e1000e

That is all.

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By Ranjan