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KIWI NG (Next Generation) is a powerful tool used to create operating system images and virtual appliances. It simplifies the process of creating customized OS images by providing a flexible and automated solution. Whether you need to create images for virtual machines, containers, or physical hardware, KIWI NG streamlines the entire image-creation process.

Here's a more detailed description of Kiwi NG's features and functionality:

  • os image builder:KIWI NG is primarily designed as an OS image builder. It allows users to define the configuration and components of their desired operating system image using a simple and intuitive XML-based format. This includes specifying the base operating system, packages, configuration, and customization.
  • Support for multiple platforms: KIWI NG supports building images for various platforms and architectures, including x86, ARM, PowerPC and others. This flexibility enables users to create OS images tailored to specific hardware requirements or deployment scenarios.
  • automated manufacturing process:KIWI NG automates the entire build process, from fetching package repositories and dependencies to configuring the system and preparing the final image. This automation minimizes manual intervention and ensures consistency and reliability in the images generated.
  • Customization and Configuration:KIWI NG offers extensive customization options, allowing users to tailor their OS images to meet specific needs. Users can configure system settings, install additional packages, add custom scripts, and apply patches or modifications as needed.
  • virtual device manufacturer: In addition to traditional OS images, Kivy NG can also be used to create virtual appliances for virtualization platforms such as VMware, KVM, VirtualBox, and Docker. These virtual appliances encapsulate the entire operating system environment, making it easier to deploy and manage virtualized applications.
  • Documentation and Resources: More information about KIWI NG, including installation instructions, usage guides, and configuration options, can be found on the official website (documentation covers getting started with KIWI NG, defining image configurations, and building customized OS images and devices. Provides comprehensive guidance.

kiwi-ng command example

1. Create a device:

# kiwi-ng system build --description=[path/to/directory] --target-dir=[path/to/directory]

2. Show the build result of the built tool:

# kiwi-ng result list --target-dir=[path/to/directory]

3. Display Help:

4. Display Version:


Overall, KIWI NG OS provides a versatile and efficient solution for the creation of images and virtual devices. Whether creating custom Linux distributions, virtual machine templates, container images or embedded systems, KIWI NG empowers users to create tailored solutions that easily meet their specific needs.

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