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“Glances” is a versatile and cross-platform system monitoring tool designed to provide users with comprehensive insight into the performance of their computer systems. It provides a real-time view of various system metrics and resource usage, making it a valuable tool for system administrators, DevOps professionals, and anyone interested in monitoring system health.

Key features of Glances include:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Glances is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Linux, macOS, Windows, and others. This versatility allows users to seamlessly monitor systems across different platforms.
  • real time monitoring: Glances provides real-time updates on important system parameters, such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk activity, network activity, and more. Users can quickly identify performance bottlenecks and resource-intensive processes.
  • Interactive command-line interface: Glances provides an interactive command-line interface (CLI) that displays system statistics in a clear and concise format. Users can navigate through different metrics and sort data to focus on specific aspects of system performance.
  • plugin support:Glances supports a plugin architecture that allows users to extend its functionality. Various plugins are available to monitor specific services and applications, making it a versatile tool to customize monitoring needs.
  • Warnings and Notifications: Users can set alerts and notifications based on predefined thresholds for various metrics. Glance may send notifications by email or other means when specified conditions are met.
  • remote monitoring: Glance can be used to remotely monitor multiple systems from a single interface. This is especially useful for managing server farms or clusters.
  • web-based interface: Glances provides a web-based interface for users who prefer a graphical representation of system statistics. This feature increases accessibility and ease of use.
  • API and export: Glances provides an API that allows users to access system data programmatically. It also supports exporting data in various formats, facilitating further analysis and reporting.

look command example

1. Run in terminal:

2. Run in web server mode to show results in the browser:

3. Run in server mode to allow connections from other Glances clients:

4. Connect to Glances Server:

5. Require Password in (Web) Server Mode:


Overall, Glances is a powerful system monitoring tool that enables users to keep a close eye on the health and performance of their computer systems, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting. Its flexibility and extensive feature set make it a valuable addition to any system administrator's toolkit.

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By Ranjan