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mitmdump is a command-line tool that is part of the mitmproxy suite, designed to intercept, view, and modify HTTP and HTTPS traffic. It is a powerful tool that is mainly used for debugging, testing, and analyzing network traffic.

Here are the details of its key functionalities:

  • watching traffic:mitmdump allows you to view HTTP and HTTPS traffic passing through your network in real time. It provides detailed information about each request and response, including headers, payload, and timing.
  • traffic recording:With mitmdump, you can record HTTP and HTTPS traffic to a file for later analysis. This is especially useful for capturing network traffic during testing or debugging sessions, allowing you to replay interactions or analyze them offline.
  • Converting traffic programmatically:One of the key features of mitmdump is its ability to programmatically modify HTTP traffic on-the-fly. Using Python scripts, you can intercept requests and responses and apply custom modifications or changes. This capability is invaluable for simulating various network conditions, testing edge cases, or implementing security measures.
  • command line interface:mitmdump provides a command-line interface (CLI) for easy interaction. It allows you to start and stop blocking traffic, specify filters to capture only specific requests or responses, and control various aspects of the blocking process.
  • complement mitmproxy:mitmdump is often used in conjunction with mitmproxy, which provides a user-friendly interactive console interface for similar purposes. While mitmproxy is more interactive and suitable for manual inspection and manipulation of traffic, mitmdump is more suitable for automated or scripted tasks.

mitmdump command example

1. Start a proxy and save all output to a file:

# mitmdump -w [path/to/file]

2. Filter the saved traffic file only on POST requests:

# mitmdump -nr [input_filename] -w [output_filename] "[~m post]"

3. Replay the saved traffic file:

# mitmdump -nc [path/to/file]


Overall, mitmdump is a versatile tool for analyzing, debugging, and manipulating HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Whether you are a developer, security professional, or network administrator, mitmdump can be a valuable addition to your toolkit for understanding and controlling network communications.

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By Ranjan