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mitmprxy is an interactive HTTP proxy tool that acts as a man-in-the-middle (MITM) between clients and servers, allowing you to intercept, inspect, modify, and reroute HTTP and HTTPS traffic in real time. Allows to run. It provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring and manipulating network communications, making it a valuable tool for a variety of purposes such as debugging, testing, and security analysis.

Here's a more detailed overview of its features:

  • Intercept:mitmprxy intercepts HTTP and HTTPS traffic between the client (such as a web browser or mobile app) and the server. It sits in the middle, transparently capturing all the requests and responses coming through it.
  • real time monitoring: The tool provides an interactive console interface that allows you to view detailed information about each HTTP request and response in real time. This includes headers, payload, cookies, and other metadata.
  • Change:mitmprxy enables you to modify intercepted traffic on-the-fly. You can edit request headers, modify the response content, or even replace entire requests or responses with custom data. This capability is particularly useful for testing how applications handle different scenarios or for debugging problems with network communications.
  • scripting: It supports scripting using Python, allowing you to automate tasks and implement complex behaviors. You can write custom scripts to perform specific actions based on intercepted traffic, such as triggering alerts for certain patterns, logging data to external sources, or simulating various network conditions.
  • REPLAY:mitmprxy allows you to record HTTP traffic and replay it later. This feature is helpful for testing and reproducing scenarios, especially when dealing with non-deterministic behavior or when testing against a specific sequence of requests.
  • HTTPS decryption: Unlike traditional proxies, Mitproxy can decrypt HTTPS traffic using self-signed certificates. This enables you to inspect and manipulate encrypted traffic, although it requires MitmProxy's CA certificate to be installed on the client device.
  • user-friendly interface: This tool provides a clean and intuitive interface to interact with the intercepted traffic. It supports keyboard shortcuts, filtering options, and different display modes to streamline the analysis process.

mitproxy command example

1. Start MitmProxy with default settings:

2. Start mitmprxy bound to custom address and port:

# mitmproxy -b [ip_address] -p [port]


Overall, mitmprxy is a powerful and versatile tool for analyzing, debugging, and testing HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Whether you are a developer, quality assurance engineer, or security professional, MitmProxy can help you gain insight into network communications and troubleshoot problems effectively.

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By Ranjan